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Peoria, AZ

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Located in the counties of Maricopa and Yavapai, Peoria is a unique city located in the former, while a small portion is in the latter county. As a major suburb of the city of Phoenix, Peoria lies just a short commute away and is perfect for people that want access to a metro city but still want to enjoy small-town living.

While the town’s initial growth was small during the 1900s, there was a sudden spurt throughout the valley after Luke Air Force Base boosted the economy and led to new residential housing spots. Soon, the city built the Peoria Sports Complex, the Major league training facility, and brought in tourists from far and wide.

Today, Peoria is well-known as a leisure and resort spot, drawing in residents to its unique economy, focusing on mixed development and commercial use.


A hot desert climate is typical in Arizona, with warm and dry summers and mild but cool winters. The weather is categorized by clear skies throughout the year with 299 days of sunshine, which makes it among the sunniest places in the world.

Pleasant months in the city comprise March, April, and November, while June and July are the least pleasant, with rising temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Winter lows reach 43 degrees in December and January, with cool but short winters, with no chances of snow. Peoria, however, does receive 10 inches of rain annually and sleet 32 days a year.

Homes for Sale in Peoria


Most of Peoria falls within the PUSD or the Peoria Unified School District. There are more than eight elementary schools in the area, with some of the most notable being Cheyenne, Coyote Hills, and Oakwood.

Students have access to four high schools within Peoria and four high schools within Glendale that serve the city. Some of your best choices within the city include Peoria, Centennial, and Liberty.

A Christian School called Cross of Glory Lutheran School provides education from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.

Public Transportation

POGO or Peoria On the Go is a local bus transit circulating throughout the city and provides transit for students and professionals within the city’s bounds. The Valley Metro System also serves Peoria and provides commuting to the other valley cities.

The nearest international airport is the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is 16.45 miles away from the heart of the city. Another international airport is the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, which is 49.8 miles away from Peoria.

Living in Peoria

Peoria spans over 179.25 square miles, with more than 170,000 residents.

The unemployment rate is low in the city, but the job growth is booming at 45 percent, higher than the US average. While there are plenty of businesses in the business district, the top career opportunities include architecture, healthcare, finance, and health science.

There are many beautiful neighborhoods in Peoria that are the epitome of tranquility and safety. You have an abundance of choices for homes in the city, including master-planned communities and smaller homes for professionals.

The median home value is $147,350, with the median rent being $617, with more than half of the population owning their homes. The crime rate is low in Peoria, and while the cost of living is a little on the pricier side, it’s worth the cost for resort-living with access to top amenities.

Things to Do in the City

Once you’re living here, you will look forward to exploring the outdoors, especially since it’s sunny all the time. The opportunities for fun and exploration are endless; head to the Koli Equestrian Center to ride horses around the many trails, go hiking, or set up a tent nearby.

The Maricopa Dog Alliance Park is the perfect place to exercise with your dog and meet other like-minded people and their furry creatures.

If you’re a history buff, head to the Pettengill-Morron House Museum to experience the lives of the Pettengill and Morron families.

There are plenty of spots to unwind and relax for the day, such as the Forest Park Nature Center or the Luthy Botanical Garden.  You can also head to the Peoria Zoo, just opposite the botanical garden, to spend the day interacting with rhinos, wallabies, and emus.

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